College Prep Camps

These Camps are designed to demystify the College recruiting experience and admissions process.

We bring in an actual CURRENT AND ACTIVE LOCAL COLLEGE SOCCER COACH and have them run a comparable 60-90 minute session for your team/group along with assistance from the professional Soccer Home Coaches.

After the session, we have a 30-45 minute Q and A with the College Coach. Some things often discussed during this Q and A include:

  • What is it like to play soccer in College
  • What does it take to be recruited to College
  • What is the admissions process
  • How early should I be contacting coaches and schools
  • How do I pick a school over another school
  • What can I do to prepare myself right now

This “Camp” is designed for specific teams or groups of about 15-30 players who are interested in setting goals for their future. Even if a player does not plan or does not end up playing soccer in College, this experience can help shape the path forward on the way to choosing a school and setting goals for future careers.

If you are a coach, administrator or parent that is interested in this amazing opportunity, please contact us on our contact page or Scott MacLean at 716-523-3365 for more details.